Our Services

We make prefab prefinished volumetric units


Volumetric units, quite simply, are custom made prefinished portions of buildings made of a floor system, walls, and a ceiling.

The standard size of these units range from 12-16’ wide, can exceed 60’ in length and can have over 10’ ceiling height.

Using a combination of units placed next-to and/or on top of each-other combined with site-built portions including the roof completes many types of buildings from single-family homes to multi-unit, commercial and more.

These are made in our protected  environment, transported to your site on special trailers, placed onto a site-built foundation, and completed.

Design & Consulting


Our design and consulting services are available from as little as preliminary guidance to being integrally involved with your projects design development.

We utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) in lieu of CAD to integrate with design teams and our production process.



Our Turn-key services will handle your project from inspiration to completion .

Including design, permitting, constructing the prefab units while simultaneously performing site construction, managing transport/craning/setting, and onsite completion.